The Jungle Body Melbourne

The Jungle Body with Shaz

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My Available Programs


Recognized in over 15 countries around the world, unique for it's easy to follow, fun work outs, designed for the most uncoordinated person to the most professional!

I offer a fusion of three Jungle Body® programs in Melbourne CBD. You may learn more about these below:


Fresh choreography meets high-intensity workout. Through KONGA® you will be transforming your figure while grooving to the hottest beats. This program is a fusion of cardio, dance, boxing and sculpting.

Try this program and burn at least 700 calories. Learn more here.


Explore various fitness concepts and achieve your dream body by trying TYGA® classes. TYGA® is the world’s first Hip Hop, Ragga, Afro and Dancehall-based workout. Learn more here.


Grab your gear and turn up the volume. If you are looking into improving the muscle tone of your core and upper body, then BURN!® is perfect for you. This is a choreographed dumbbell sculpt workout that is one of a kind. You will be holding dumbbells weighing from 1.5kg to 2.5kg. Get more information here.

A Different Workout Experience

To create a comfortable and fun environment, I made my classroom dark with disco lights. The music for my classes is a combination of current and old school tracks. Also, I take music requests!

Four moves per track. Additionally, my classes are more affordable than other fitness programs.

About My Students

My class is tailored for the most uncoordinated person to the most professional dancer. Most of my participants are mums, students, women looking to lose weight in a fun environment, men who are not afraid of a dance/fitness class and people who are 18 yrs. old and above as music/songs can have coarse language.